Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surprising non-New Year's Resolution!

Well, after all the hub-bub of the holiday season, I decided to stop drinking pop and drink water instead, and to try to cut down on my chocolate ( I have a shirt that says "Give me all your chocolate, and nobody gets hurt", and sometimes it REALLY suits me...). Well, almost a month after doing so, and eating more veggies (I like them raw, and occassionally with dip), I have gone down THREE pant sizes! I have to say, it just goes to show that they really do nothing good for you! (I still like to have a bit of chocolate though...). I think I have about 10 glasses of water a day now, the recomended is 8 glasses, but I drink it throughout the day and I don't have anything else to drink.

So I guess it goes to show how truely important it is to drink water, and how pop isn't the gratest for you!  :)

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