Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Tuesday!

So I have decided to make a schedual for my blog, and decided from now on that on Tuesdays I will be blogging DIY posts. This will be the first one, and I hope it will be up to snuff! :)

Making a netbook case:

I know, a netbook is not exactly frugal, but it was a christmas present (a cool one at that). Unfortunately mine did not come with a cover or case, and the ones that were available were not what I wanted or needed. So I looked around on the web, and found an idea that was almost perfect  for me! http://www.instructables.com/id/Laptop-sleeve-from-a-zippered-three-ring-binder/, he shows how to make a case for a laptop out of a binder. The absolute BEST thing about making something yourself is that you can make changes to suit you.

For me, I started with the basic items I would need to make it for myself: A zippered binder ($1 from the Salvation Army Thrift store), a rubber bath mat ($2 at the dollar store), and scissors(already on hand). Here are the pictures of them:

This is of the closed zippered binder.
This is of the binder open.
This is of the bathmat that I chose.

First thing's first, I had to get the rings out of the binder. I was VERY lucky with the binder I bought, as the rings were not riveted to the "shell" of the binder. All I had to do was use my scissors and cut out the piece of cloth that held it in!
Snip, snip!

Next I took the bathmat, and folded it in half, cut it to fit in the case, and rounded the corners to make it look nicer(I'm a girl, what did you expect?!)!  :)
Cut to fit.
Rounded corners.
Here it is inside(I sewed the mat together with my sewing machine, but it is not a necessary step).
I use the bathmat to further protect my netbook from being smashed, but it has an added benifit!
It's a wrist mat, AND....
Gives my netbook extra air movement underneath it for better cooling! How's that for multi-tasking!  :)
I know this may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy my new netbook case. If you like parts of it, and want to change things, or "tweak" it, I'd love to hear about it! I hope that people enjoy this post, and I hope to continue regularly with making Tuesdays my DIY post day!  

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