Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pamper Yourself Wednesday

So today's post isn't to really give you a pampering recipe, but basically to find out what sort of things YOU do to pamper yourself.

I know I LOVE to take a really long bubble bath, and just soak without anyone interupting me. Sometimes I enjoy just reading a book...ALONE, with kids that can be rare! What I want to know is what sorts of things you do to relax, so that I can find things that might interest you.

I enjoy researching ideas, and figuring out how much they cost individually, and finding out which is better for the cost. I know..I'm a bit of a geek...but I like that about me!  :)

So tell me what you like in the comments below, and I will try my best for you to find a pamper recipe just for you!  :)

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