Wednesday, August 22, 2012

June's Article Links

In the olden days...WAY before my time (maybe), people washed their clothes by hand, then eventually people created machines that washed them, then you put them through a wringer, and hung them on the line. Now we have machines for both washing and drying, a technilogical time saver for all. Now you’re asking yourself, what has that got to do with you? Alot, wether you are wealthy or poor. Hand washing required no electricity, was relatively cheep to start doing (a wash tub), and had far less commerciallism involved. Does the washing machine clean your clothes better than you could do by hand? I depends on you, and how hard you work at washing them.
(wind powered)
(plunger like thing $22.95 US)
(large salad spinner)
(Laundry POD)
Wonder Wash $48 US and Mini Spinner

I found the most unusual article on the web the other day, on, in their green articles section. The article was called “DIY: Hillbilly Washing Machine” by Heather Clisby. I thought it was the greatest thing I had EVER seen! It is perfect for washing your clothes in the summer, and to cut down on your electrical bill. If you are washing your clothes at a laundrymat, you can save even MORE! All you need is a big plastic bucket (I buy mine from the local ice cream place for a dollar, but you can get them from a hardware store for . you also need a toilet plunger (preferably new), that does not have an inner piece, if all you can find are those kinds , then you can just cut out the extra part of rubber.

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