Thursday, March 24, 2011

April article picture additions

Alrighty, I’m assuming that you read my April article on making a cat tree, if not, you can find it at !

Now there are ALOT of pictures for this, so that you can better understand the article, since I can only have one picture go to print for my articles. They will have a little description for each of them, and I hope they help!  :)

This is the bones of our tree, before we started putting on the carpeting.

This picture shows how we attached the six-foot tube, and braced it with a smaller tube.

This picture shows how we attached the "nest" (drawer) to the top of the six-foot tube.

This photo shows how we attached the Water bottle to the four-foot tube (hubby bent the "L" brackets to make it work). This is a front view.

This picture is of the water bottle attachment, but it is a right side view.

This is of the brace between the six-foot and four-foot tubes, this shows the four-foot one, but you get the idea of how the other side should go!  ;)

This shows the lengths that my hubby has gone to, this is the carpeting for inside the water bottle, and the foam board for the balcony.

This was our work in progress, half the carpeting done!  :)

The sisal rope being glued to the water bottle.

The bottom of the water bottle and balcony with the sisal rope finished being glued on. Hubby says to mention that on the edges he glued the whole way around, but for the main body of it he only glued at quarter intervals (as well as where it met the tube).

And this is the final product!  :)

And here is our cat Levy taking time to test out the bottle...we think she's worth it!  :)

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  1. Impressive! Very inspiring (though a little daunting, too).
    Thank you for sharing.