Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few of my favorite Web sites! :)

I am going to direct you all to a few of my favourite web sites, I do hope they are as helpful to you as they have been for me!  J

for great ideas, and do-it-yourself mixes!

has some great articles, and the e-zines that you can sign up for are really great!

great green cleaning recipes that you can make cheaply, and work well!

I like to print out the planners and chore chart so that my family can be organized!

Gives you a multitude of ideas on how to budget better, and some tips on once-a-month cooking.

lots of articles on how to get into a frugal frame of mind!

many recipes and ideas.

gives great advice on how to stretch your dollars and save as well!

how to be frugal at everything.

the name says it all…

a lot of interesting recipes and ideas.

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