Sunday, November 14, 2010

WOW! It really works!

Yeaterday I went to the local Reuse Shed to drop off a few things, and I talked to a gentleman who works there. He told me how to make my car go from being the over oxidiezed red color to a bright shiney red. I believed that it would brighten my paint...but WOW! His idea REALLY did work! Once a month I will have to reapply this, but it REALLY does make it almost look like I got a new paintjob on my car! So instead of spending roughly $3k on a new paintjob, I will polish into my car some WD40! That's RIGHT! WD40 made it look FABULOUS! However I will note to all of you outthere that you MIGHT want to wash your car before you apply makes it easier to apply. DO NOT spray the WD40 straight onto the car however, you spray a cloth and apply it that way. I will not be held responsible for any injury/harm/damage that this may do, as I do not know what this does for your car long term. So research about this ios in order before you attempt to do this to your own vehicle, as WD40 IS condidered a flamable material.

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