Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OMG! I have lusted for this for 2 years...and the waiting paid off! ;)

I tell you...the things you can find at the reuse/share shed near the dump are AMAZING!!! I have been looking at getting a portable dishwasher since I had to give up my old one when we moved due to downsizing (and quite honestly...I don't think my hubby would have been impressed hauling it up four stories worth of stairs along with a BIG U-Haul truck worth of things). This morning I went to the reuse/share shed to check out what might be new...and low and behold...a portable dishwasher! I know, I think that the only reason it was brought there was because it was wasn't! It leaked a little, but it was a simple fix (odds are the preveous owner was not mechanically enclined and had the money to buy a new one). The only cost to me was just over $10 in parts for my tap to allow the dishwasher to attach to it and some teflon tape to make sure that the faucet wouldn't leak when it was attached!

This isn't my kitchen, but this IS the dishwasher I am now a proud owner of! So an occassional trip there could save you over $300! looking at the bargain finder or the classifieds, you could probably find one for about $100...but can save ALOT by just checking things out often! Happy saving for all of you!  :)

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