Friday, November 12, 2010

Some things to possibly interest you...

I have been reading a blog about a man who lived off of $1/day for 100 days! It was an interesting read....peppered with alot of humour about it all and himself. Not only did he take on this challenge (as a dare from his know how siblings can be!), but he simultaneously was working on a challenge to help people who go hungery in America. I't not Canadian...but the ideas he expresses are genuine and at a time where only in the depression was there an economic downturn such as this, it is necassary that people step up and speak out. I'm not saying to stop worrying about your own family, nor am I saying to ignore the please to stop hunger in other countries, but it is sad that a terrific country such as ours has people that go hungery within it. There are people who suffer silently, in fear that the neighbors may look down on them, that go hungery so that they have a roof over their heads. They may watch as their children eat, and they do not. Helping others should never require you to be acknowledged, a good deed should just feel good. Many people in our region have lost their jobs from mills/mines, and although they have opened up some, not all are back to work. Open your hearts to these people, along with the many others who are not as fortunate. Surprise them with a gift of non-perishable groceries, dropped on their front stoop when no one is looking. Random acts of kindness should be a way of life for all of us accross the world!

To read the blog about living on a dollar a day, visit here:

For his work on helping the hungry, visit here:

And now I hope that all of you will try to get into the spirit of the season by helping those less fortunate, and get into the "spirit of giving" instead of the commercialism of getting that the winter season has deviated to.

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