Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Biking time is here again! :)

I know, it's hard to believe it, but biking time is here again! Just in time, what with the high prices in gas, and I hear they're just going to continue to rise over the summer! I think what excites me most is the bike I had to store almost three years ago is with me again! She may be old, she may be rusty, but she is TOTALY me! I have to take her to a bike shop to get her back to ship shape order, since she's a three wheel bike (yes...and adult trike, and I'm cool enough to own her!). Normally I take care of her by greasing the chain, checking the tires, tightening/loosening the brakes, but her shifting gears are unusual (hence the trip to some bike doctors). Apparently she got a little rusty while she was away too (I'm so sorry baby! ~yes...I talk about my bike like some guys talk about their cars...I never said I was normal!). So my goal is to get her into pedalling condition, then I'll work on getting the rust out of her fenders, making the fenders into a nice chrome look again if I can. After that, I'm hoping to get the rust off her body and paint her to look like new again.
What can I say, I like going down to the grocery store on my back, and being able to bring the groceries home in the basket. You'd be surprised how much I can get in that one basket!
But seriously, if you have a bike, and are blanching at the gas prices as I am, get out a big SRTONG packsack, bike on down, and pick those groceries up! If you're not keen on carrying all your groceries on your back, and can't really afford a bike trailer, check out , they might have one that you can make for almost nothing but hard work!  :)
Happy biking all!  :)

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