Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday night dinner

Well...I went all out tonight, let me tell you...
I got my eldest son to make some mac'n'cheese, then I added the leftover chicken from last night and a can of peas, phew! It was hard, but I!  ;)
The price breakdown:
two boxes of Kraft Dinner*  $2.00 (Walmart had them for $1.oo each)
one leftover chicken leg  FREE (it was counted in last nights meal)
one can of peas $0.88 (got it on sale!)
So that makes the grand total of tonights dinner at...wait for it  *Drum Roll*
$2.88! For the four of us, although, quite honestly, I didn't eat much, as I wasn't hungry. Next time I might add another box of KD* because the boys' really like it, it wasn't a big deal, as they got to have leftover B-Day cake (which is why I been slacking on posting meals, one night my in-laws bought pizza, another night we got take-out...using a coupon for the chicken dinner at A&W).

Any-who...that was dinner tonight! Tomorrow I might get a little fancier and actually make something from scratch! I guess you'll have to "toon in tomorrow for another episode of 'What's For Dinner TONIGHT?'!"  ;)

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