Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday night dinner

Well, tonight we had shakie bakie chicken thighs, with potatoes and a fruit smoothie. I know, not your normal dinner, and not always cheap, but enjoyable!  ;)

So the break down is this:
10 chicken thighs (bought a family pack that I divided into three bags of ten on sale and froze for about $15.00) approximately $5.00
6 red potatoes approximately $0.99
Frozen fruit (I buy BIG bags of mixed berries onsale for $16.99) about 2 cups worth approx. $4.00
Vanilla ice cream (bought a 4L container onsale for $3.99) about 3 cups approx. $0.60
orange juice (buy in frozen concentrate for $1.25, makes about 8 cups) about 1 cup approx $0.16
Milk (I buy the 4L jugs for $4.50) about 2 cups approx $0.60
The grand total for the meal is $11.35!

I know, not the healthiest beverage in the world, and I probably should have made another vegetable to go with the meal, but honestly, I didn't feel like it for once. I also didn't make the drink, my eldset son did it for us! I figure that technically we had all four food groups, but I do admit that the sugar and fat content were REALLY high because of the drink. I also have to say that it was WELL worth it!  ;)

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