Saturday, May 7, 2011

Who says chivalry is dead?!

I went to Quesnel, to drop off The Stew Magazine at it's pick-up spots, only to lock my keys in the car! I was mortified! I was far from home, hubby wouldn't even get home from work for several hours (let alone the time to get my spare key to me), and I definately didn't have $50 to get a professional to open it for me. I was up a creek without a paddle, until two wonderful gentlemen came to my rescue!

They tried to open it with what was on hand, but in the end, one went all the way home to get a wire coat hanger! After the hanger arrived, they were able to wrangle my keys from off the seat, and out through the slightly open window!

If you two gents are reading, you guys were my heroes for the day, and thank you so VERY much again! :)

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