Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner from a dollar store...

Well...tonight we ate, and everone enjoyed it! A simple recipe that anyone can do...it's SO easy! I feed a family of four, and we all have adult appetite.

3 Packages of a noodle side dish (we had the Alfredo)
2 cans of cooked chicken
1 stump of broccoli

Simply follow the directions of the side dish recipe, but also add the broccoli and chicken (I included the water from the chicken can). So our dinner tonight came to a GRAND total of $6 plus tax. I know that broccoli isn't sold at the dollar store, but I did pay a dollar for it. I also include the "trunk" of the broccoli, I like them and why waste?

Tomorrow I won't be making dinner, as I am going to a spaghetti and ribs dinner/fundraiser for my youngest son's end-of-the-year school trip (when I heard it was ribs...I said "I'm SOOO there!").
But I think I will make an attempt at posting my recipes from our dinners, and trying to cut them down to cost. Naturally they won't all be as inexpensive as this one, but I'll put them on anyways...after all, if you can't spend money on what you'd love to eat occassionally, then what's the point in living?  :)

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