Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Night dinner

Well...I didn't make anything from scratch today, as I wound up with a really hectic day, so we wound up with hamburgers, with cheese slices. This is the breakdown:
1 dozen hamburger buns (whole wheat) $0.99 (got them onslae and froze until needed)
8 burger patties (these were from M&M meats, and it was 16 in the box for $9.99) $4.99
8 cheese slices (from a package of 48 thin slices for $6.99 equalling $0.15/slice) $1.20
So the grand total of our dinner in was $7.18 approximately, and not including taxes.

Just think, there were 5 leftover buns from dinner, and tomorrow I makin' bacon (back bacon onsale in reduced meats section for $1.99, which I naturally froze until needed), and we'll be making bacon and eggers at home for breakfast in the morning! Fairly cheap, and healthy breakfast! Not to mention that if you cook the bacon ahead of time, it's super fast in the microwave(just remember to break the yolk, or it explodes into bits), just 60 on a 1200w microwave on high(for the egg). Don't forget to toast and butter the bun! MMMM, tasty!  :)

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